Part 1

Unit X began with a short collaborative project using the city of Manchester as the protagonist, Interior Design and 3D Design working together. There were four in my group including myself, which seemed like the right number of people. Communicating between the group was easy due to the size of it, and there was enough brain power to keep the ball rolling throughout the project which lasted only a few days. The brief was centred around Manchester as previously stated, and each group was given a section of a map showing an area of central Manchester. We were then told to recreate the information from our map section with very little guidance other than that. The idea being, each group would create a design at A2 then the map would be put back together showing a vast range of different styles and materials etc. The project worked well and between the four of us, everyone contributed equally.


In the second week all students were invited to attend 3D drawing workshops throughout the day. I was apprehensive about this part of the project, as there are many interpretations of 3D drawing, some of which are exciting and others not so much. We were all told to bring a variety of materials and tools to use, and there were boxes of scraps and leftovers free to use. Our instructions were to create our journey to university from that morning. From this point it became very clear that a certain level of imagination, creativity and freedom were required. The examples shown were very expressive and not necessarily accurate representations. This comforted me in the sense that I knew nothing would be considered ‘wrong’ and anything created would be considered in some way or another, perhaps completely differently depending on who is looking at my work. My journey was made from a piece of scrap metal about an inch wide. I bent the metal at right angles to show a ‘literal’ representation of my journey to university that day. I tried to keep things free and allow the material to have a say in the way I made my journey. Living just round the corner, it was easy to do a virtual walkthrough showing rough distances and left and right turns etc.

The second part of 3D drawing was to create something that referenced Manchester in some way. I’m often faced with thoughts of the Manchester bee, so this seemed like the right thing to work with. Whilst rummaging through the boxes of scraps I came across a box of bobbins. These would become the body of the bee. Next I found strips of yellow electrical wire which needed untangling, this would be wrapped around the bobbin to show the distinctive stripes. White tissue paper needed cutting to shape then became wings. I made quite a few bee’s, as one didn’t seem enough. With a little time to spare I decided to try and arrange my collection of bee’s, the simplest thing that came to mind was the shape of the letter ‘M’ for Manchester. We were then told to move around the room and stand in front of someone else’s work that we liked. Little did we know that we would then be invited to carry on working on the 3D drawings in front of us. Images to follow show the addition of a honeycomb pattern on my bee’s.


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