Venice Architecture Biennale

‘human – meditation – nature’

Architecture is not just about function and beauty, but also a way to connect people with nature. There are currently 7 billion people in the world. Humans have evolved over time to be the only species that do not adapt to the world but make the world adapt to them instead. In our desire to develop the economy through commercialization, industrialization, construction and technological advances, we have changed the world to suit our needs. But human life is always attached to nature. The relationship between man and nature can be seen in everyday life. Nature gives us many benefits but most of us do not know how to respect, protect and preserve it.

Urbanization is inevitable around the world in today’s society. It helps to promote economic development, society and living conditions. But in doing so, nature is being destroyed through large consumptions of energy and deforestation. Society is growing at a rapid rate and people are slowly being separated from nature. In today’s media, we often see hundreds of social problems, from wars, pollution, natural disasters, droughts and floods to name a few. All of these require an effective solution to improve human life, bring stability and peace.

“At Vo Trong Nghia Architects, we see meditation as a beneficial pathway to help people to avoid ignorance, purify their minds, improve their lives and bring people closer to nature. The staff at Vo Trong Nghia Architects are required to meditate twice a day and attend 10-day meditation courses throughout the year to continuously reconnect with nature, as well as to understand their minds at a deeper level. It helps resist cravings, improve concentration and sensitivity to our surroundings, as well as better decision-making in improving our society, not just our personal interests.”

“Within this forest of bamboo and plants, we invite you to meditate and reawaken your relationship with nature. We hope the journey through this pavilion will remind you of the impact of human actions in our daily lives. In our projects, we always emphasize on the relationship between architecture and nature. By integrating nature to our other architectural projects, not only are we able to improve the scenery and atmosphere of the surroundings, but also to provide food through farming and provide resources to the people. Furthermore, it alleviates current social issues by encouraging   communication among people.”



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