5.2 Evaluate how effective own learning, methods and actions have been.


Evaluating is thinking/saying ‘overall,’ and overall, there has not been enough reflection, acknowledgement or development. Without blaming it, I feel that UCAS has taken its toll on my involvement in unit 7. On the same note, time management has not been good enough, not realising how little time I had left and not feeling like I’ve been able to commit due to interviews and university visits. Thinking ahead, to my FMP, I will use the project action plan and timetable provided to stay on track and not let myself slow down.

Good bits? The beginning of the pathway went well, and I cottoned on to what I needed to do, but not how I was going to do it. Which is where I fell down I suppose. Smaller, more insignificant elements also went well for example both models pictured below although they do not necessarily have anything to do with the final outcome (does that matter?)


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