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megan wood corner interior design. man metInterior design, interior architecture, interior and spatial design, interior environmental design, interior decoration, interior, interior, interior. What is the difference? I didn’t (still don’t) know myself, when my teacher recommended this to me as a course to study at university. But another blog post has a pretty good go at explaining it, to try and make some sense of it yourself, click here.



I honestly believe, the only way to really tell which one is best suited for you, me, him or her to study at university is to actually do each course, only then will you know. (Not a very cost effective way at all.)

The image above, is taken from Megan Wood’s portfolio within Manchester Metropolitan’s 2015 degree show for interior designers.


BIID-LogoCelebrating their both Anniversary this year, and founded in 1965, The British Institute of Interior Design is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK.

Our Mission: The British Institute of Interior Design is committed to encouraging and supporting creativity and competence in the field of interior design through facilitating the best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education.