‘Dolls’ & Avant Garde Play

E V A L U A T I O N   O F   A V A N T – G A R D E   P L A Y   W O R K

wire & yarn dolls, drawings of dolls, mono prints, costume.

Advantages & disadvantages of adopting ‘play’ as a strategy for making art… + means you can work fast therefore get a lot done in a short space of time. + stops mind from taking control, meaning the control is almost passed to the medium. – felt like I wanted to take control back, so not always comfortable working. – not always a definitive composition or end result at all.

Making dolls, using yarn & garden wire was the start point, which lead into drawing said dolls in the most childish way possible, simulating ‘play.’ In tandem with this task, we were told to try mono printing from the same doll, which was challenging being restricted to black and white, as colour is such a big part of a child’s drawings. The last part was the most interesting for me, which was making a costume, or ‘wearable sculpture.’ This was to be made in the style of the Triadic Ballet. We could use any materials or processes within reason, cost, availability & time being the restraints as we only had 2 days to complete the whole costume.


explanations of key terms – scale, enlargement, distortion, absurd.

Scale – justifying the size of the piece in comparison with its surroundings.

Enlargement – taking parts of an object & biggering them to create a certain effect.

Distortion – changing the appearance from the original.

Absurd – far from the norm…



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