Explain the impact of WW1, Russian Revolutions and the demise of the Russian Empire on Russian Constructivism

WW1 and the Bolshevik Revolution transformed culture. By 1917 the private art market crumbled, so Avant-Garde artists had to take charge and founded new institutions. A lot of their work was propaganda, due to the nature of creative minds and the needs of report. After the revolution people wanted a society of communism. The Constructivist’s were also optimistic about the future. Artists all avoided ‘doing’ art of previous times, to fit in with a new age. Rodchenko’s commitment to the Russian Revolution encouraged him to abandon painting then fine art all together. Instead he put his skills to designing everything from advertisements to book covers. Similarly Tatlin, who trained as an icon painter, soon abandoned the traditionally pictorial concerns of painting and instead concentrated on the possibilities inherent in the materials he used, often metal, glass and wood.


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