paper, clay, grey board, garibaldi?

paper. clay. grey board. garibaldi. Yes, this was the sequence of mediums I used to explore and develop ideas of spacial constructions from 2D to 3D, and back to 2D.

Our two week project started with a single A4 piece of paper, which got folded seven times along the portrait and landscape side. Then, we started to pull up ‘planes’ from the paper using a craft knife, with strict instructions not to completely separate any shape from the page. After a while, elaborate spaces started to appear… I found the paper to be a good material for visualisation and it doesn’t matter if you go wrong as it is cheap, recyclable and disposable. However is was flimsy and not exactly durable when moving the maquette from room to room.

Clay was the next medium to explore, which was a nice texture to work with and was malleable, so curves were easy to construct in comparison to the grey board which was the next step. Back to the clay, one area where it let itself down was in the finishing, it was difficult to get a smooth look to the finished piece.

The grey board was cut and glued using wood glue to create similar shapes. Naturally, it was strong, hard wearing and rigid so getting clean cut lines was easy, as straight edges look better when making maquette. However the colour was not so appealing, it may be difficult for some to imagine it in any other way.

Garibaldi’s were a bit of a nightmare to work with, but very good fun, and I found that it catches the eye as it is not a common material used for sculpting or building anything. See the below gallery to further explain this project and provide some visual prompts.


Explanations of key terms – plane, perpendicular, maquette.

Plane – a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would wholly lie.’

Perpendicular – at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface or to the ground.’

Maquette – ‘a sculptor’s small preliminary model or sketch.’


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