“Drawing in space”

Task – Use a continuous pencil or pen line, work out how to transform your house drawing into a linear drawing that can be used as a basis for creating further works in thread and wire. Consider whether or not you want to maintain a sense of three-dimensionality and if so, how you will achieve this. What elements of drawing are important? Think about line, form, space, tone, perspective… I immediately thought of a music video I came across not too long ago. The Vimeo video at the bottom of this post explains the making of said video. Click here to watch and listen to ‘Son Lux – Change Is Everything.’

Two artists which I have made strong links to for this task are Tamarin Norwood and Rodchenko. Norwood’s artwork is abstract, intense, focused and fascinating to watch. Click on the image below to view a small number of her videos.

Tamarin Norwood, A Fine Line (Untitled #1), 2014 (Video 0’46”)

Tamarin Norwood, A Fine Line (Untitled #1), 2014 (Video 0’46”)

Rodchenko, so I have been told, was the root of change during his working life from around 1910-1956. He started to experiment with ‘the line,’ edge, space etc and really pushed abstraction forward in terms of development. I endeavour to research and learn more about Alexander Rodchenko.


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