Assignment brief title ‘your house’

Semi-Detatched 2004, Michael Landy

Tate Britain, London


Micheal Landy photograph taken from Sunspel Journal

My thoughts on a review of ‘Semi-Detatched’ by Andrew Graham-Dixon. Graham-Dixon rightly describes the instillation as an “un-nervingly naked work of art, highly specific but with a democratic dimension to it too, since it offers such a direct analogue for a nearly universal experience.” Essentially, Landy has re-built his parents house in a British art gallery, is this art? Growing a tree is not art, is it? Does is become art if you put it in an art gallery? In this example I can understand that Landy couldn’t make his parents house any smaller as it would detract from the message he is trying to portray.

Making my model house was a challenge as not only did it need to mean something and reflect my personality, interests and or traits, but it needs to be portable. This is a restriction that Landy clearly did not have. Is it possible to physically make and portray memories in the form of art portable? answer = YES. BUT how small can you go without it becoming technology in the form of hardware and software?



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